Land Use and Zoning


Much of our Special Counsel representation is for municipal boards and officials who require specific expertise with respect to land use and related environmental controversies.  We have participated in countless public hearings of local boards, and devote a significant portion of our practice to interpreting and explaining the proper application of the Zoning Act and the Subdivision Control Act for our clients or in court.


The bulk of this work consists of assisting with variance or comprehensive permit applications; applications for preliminary or definitive subdivision plan approval; special permit applications, expansion or alteration of non-conforming properties or uses, and grandfathered rights.  We guide our clients throughout the process, assisting with initiation or review of the application, participating in the hearing process and decision making, and providing representation on appeal if necessary. We have advised our clients on all aspects of eminent domain takings and regulatory takings issues. We have worked with our clients and their consultants to modernize or recodify their zoning and non-zoning land use bylaws.


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